Terry Laboratories

Terry Laboratories

+1 321-259-1630
INFO@TERRYLABS.COM https://terrylabs.com/
7005 Technology Dr, Melbourne, FL 32904
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  • Ekleme Tarihi : 2024-02-14
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Terry Laboratories

Since our founding in 1973, Terry Laboratories has been at the forefront of advancing the aloe vera industry through pioneering research and development, innovative processes, high-quality products, and extensive customer education. Our remarkable growth over the years is a testament to the value and integrity we bring to our products, processes, and people.

As the industry leader in sales and volume, Terry Laboratories proudly stands as the oldest and largest manufacturer of aloe vera extracts, concentrates, powders, and shea butter, serving a global customer base in over 60 countries.

Aloe Vera, the Way Nature Intended

We abide by a simple philosophy: Truth & Purity. Our unwavering commitment to customer and consumer education is evident in everything we do. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in the aloe industry and remain a consistent and reliable source of superior aloe products year-round while boasting the lowest prices on the market.

Our advanced stabilization methods play a crucial role in developing new product applications and delivery systems that cater to the evolving demands of our customers, whether locally in the States or internationally. Thanks to our proprietary NaturLOCK System™, our products retain as many nutrients as possible, giving our aloe gels and powders a polysaccharide count nearly equal to freshly picked aloe vera leaves. To prove it, we welcome a side-by-side nutrient comparison with any competitor’s product and are willing to conduct free testing.

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